Done deal. Made Samos in no time… Chillan’ like a villan in beautiful Samos with Chloe’s parents and a tasty glass of cold local white wine in our hand. Happy!

Chloe here…Does Stef make any sense to anyone???! It’s certainly all greek to me! Had a blast with Mum and Con - just wish they could’ve stayed a bit longer…all that star-gazing, beer-guzzling, road-trippin and fine dining was a treat for all of us (the port and cheese will not be forgotten in a hurry either!)

img_0222.jpg img_0234.jpg img_0238.jpg img_0243.jpg p7290176.jpg p7300189.jpg p7310197.jpg p7310198b.jpg

2 Responses to “Greece”

  1. Malcolm Says:

    Nice pics - love the budgie smugglers :)

  2. Kjell Says:

    Great to see that you are doing good. Hope things are great with you and Chloe. I dont update my site any more but if you are on facebook you will find me under kjell otto stave by searching for my email.

    Take care and have fun

    ps, dont come home, no matter how much you love youer work you still have to be there every god damn day,

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