Joined by Dean and Milla, BE is leaving the inner islands to venture a wee bit further out into the Yasaw Islands. Tourists get less and less apart from the odd resort and after while we finally managed to find that totally empty anchorage we had in mind. We spent some time at a small village, drink even more kava, catch some surf and find yet another way to cook 2-minute noodles.

Dean catchs some fish which get lost in translation during a feast with locals. Then one night in a resort we realize that we ansolutely suck in Limbo dancing but found undiscovered talent in ballon dancing (proof below ;-)

Weeks disapear like nothing enjoying this great cruising ground and so we’re slowly getting ready for the passage to New Caledonia. Time to move on…

fiji-022.jpg   fiji-033.jpg   fiji-012.jpg   fiji-018.jpg   fiji-036.jpg   fiji-040.jpg   fiji-047.jpg   fiji-049.jpg   fiji-063.jpg   fiji-064.jpg   fiji-066.jpg   fiji-067b.jpg   fiji-070.jpg   fiji-072.jpg   fiji-074.jpg   fiji-079.jpg   fiji-087.jpg   fiji-088.jpg   fiji-091.jpg   p6280657.JPG   fiji-010.jpg

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