Having used all sails from big Genoa to storm sail in wind from zero to 40 knots, we arrive after 4 days and 370 nautical miles in Finike, Turkey. It looks like Med, it’s friendly and professional like med and it even smells like Med. Stunning landscape and friendly people. It feels like the hard part is over.

p6150083.jpg p6150085.jpg p6150090.jpg p6260111.jpg p6270113.jpg

3 Responses to “Turkey”

  1. Malcolm Says:

    What the hell does the Med smell like?!?! :)

  2. Dirk Says:

    Hi Stefan,

    bitte melde dich mal bei mir.

    Schöne Grüße


  3. Malcolm Says:

    Ist dieses ein typisches Beispiel vom formlosen australischen und höflichen Deutschen? :)

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