Piece of p***, this little bit of canal through the sand

Oh yeah, baby! BE delivered once again and we’re now half way up the Suez Canal. Once the engine has cooled down from the current 5000 degrees, I will give her a big kiss.

Now a few days with Chloe in Cairo and then the rest of the canal. Thing looks bright and during the night I already feel the fresh wind from the Med calling. Soon the hard part will be over and we finally can put our feet up and just chill for days, weeks or months (good to have dreams no matter how unrealistic, isn’t it ;-).


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  1. jackie ray Says:

    Hey Stefan - a little bird has told me that it’s your birthday on the 3rd so I am just sending you a big happy birthday wish from all of us at 61 in Staines!! So you are almost in the Med - what a journey you have been on. Do hope that Con and I get to meet up with you and Chloe somewhere - some little Greek island somewhere and we can celebrate both our birthdays! Have a wonderful day on the 3rd - we shall be thinking of you.

    Lots of love from us all
    Jackie, Conrad, Emily and Martin xxxx

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