Against the wind

Relentless, rough, short, mercyless waves gave BE a pounding like never before. Very strong wind and reefs everywhere did the rest and made the tiny 180 miles from Hugahda to Suez a rough 9 day experience. We deliberatelly took it easy and often retreated to protected bays not to exhaust us and our boat too much. But what does it matter, the Red Sea is finally over and we are now standing in front of the last challange before the Med: The Suez Canal.

Authorities want us to do 5 knots, which we have never done under motor before. Big problem and maybe big fines. Built a cradle to attach the outboard to the boat and send a prayer for less wind and a fortunate current… and if all fails we still have the oars ;-)

Authorities do the usual obstructions and make us feel more like in a prison than on a hoiliday. Claims for fees and papers also never end. Chloe want with Andrew to Cairo and will rejoin Richard and me in Ismalia. It’s all happening…

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