Going overboard

This is strange… not being on the boat for a week. For the first time for over a year, I reluctantly leave BE on her own and venture inland to the famous mystic temples of Egypt under the experienced guidance of Chloe.

Distant memories of backpacking come back to me when we make our way in local busses and trains to Luxor and Azuan. We quickly get into it and there are two experiences which stick out.

Firstly, there is the Felucca ride. 2 days and nights we spent on a traditional sailing boat cruising down the Nile without any engine, GPS, radio or electricity (… and it surprisingly reached its destination with ease ;-). I haven’t been that relaxed for ages!

Secondly, there is the temple of Kanak. This temple is amazing in itself but the circumstances made this experience outstanding. Normally, you always look at temples with trillions of other tourists, which kind of ruins the experience. But this one day we went during the night for a light show, which was already great itself but more importantly did we manage to get away from the firmly guided tour and suddenly found ourselves totally on our own in the most impressive array of gigantic pillars existing on this planet!

And I tell you one thing: there was something! I felt a humbling energy that I normally only find on the ocean. It was an unknown foreign energy, which I found hard to deciver but it left me speachless nevertheless. I couldn’t fully connect to it like to an ocean but it will remain one of the most impressive experiences in my life… no shit!

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