After 1530 nautical miles in about 13 days of constant sailing, we arrive in Suva, the capital of Fiji, on the main island Vitu Levi. The air is humid and being on the south eastern side of the island we also have the occasional shower… but who cares? We made it.

Our friends from the immigration department let us wait for 8 hours but then we finally can toast with a cold beer at the Royal Suva Yacht Club to a successful passage. We start chatting to other sailors from all over the world and have a great night in the club.

Fiji feels so good as it is completely different to Australia or even Lord Howe. It’s wild, hot and smells of adventure. Will have to do some more paperwork but then provision ASAP to get outof the big city to the sunny islands on the west for perfect surf, perfect beaches, perfect water, great people… well, that’s the idea of it… we’ll see if Fiji holds up to its reputation ;-)

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    Little girl seems to be bothered. What did you do to her? Stole her sweeties? ;-)

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