Egypt undercover

16 days, 1441 nautical miles and yes I am a sailing geek and should skip the stats because this ain’t say anything.

It doesn’t tell that we were becalmed for almost 1/3 of the trip and had over 30 knots headwind during the last two days. It also doesn’t say that in our first port in Egypt the clearance was so expensive that we decided to add yet another day sailing to the trip although we didn’t have any gas or food left. We did that and sailed 12 hours to another port only to be sent away again! arriving finally in Hugada, 100 miles backwards from where we got first.

And then there is Andrew, Chloe’s cousin, who waited for us in the first port. There we were but we were not allowed to officially go ashore and he was not allowed to come aboard. The story is to good to be told online so let me only tell that it involved jumping off cliffs, the cover of night, approaching a reef by boat up to half a meter, jumping onto boats, hiding, swimming ashore and advanced roleplay. Further grey hair, worries as much as heaps of fun… and of course this is all just fiction ;-)

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  1. jackie ray Says:

    Hi Stefan - do hope that you haven’t got too much of my family on board now!! It amazes me how everyone who joins the boat ends up doing it James Bond style! We have just arrived back from holiday and although we swam with turtles and saw rays and some lovely fish it obviously bears no relation to your experiences. I have so missed the internet while we’ve been away and not keeping in contact with the log - makes fascinating reading and the photos are awesome - did Chloe really catch that fish??!! Anyway I know your time for reading my waffle is limited so I shall say good luck with my family members and do hope that we get to meet up in the not too distant future.

    Love Jackiexxx

  2. gunnar klatt Says:

    Hi Stefan, I’ve been so fascinated with your trip that I probably read the whole log by now jumping around and now reading the updates since a few months. Really amazing I have to tell you that. You probaby had no idea that I was enjoying it so much and being inspired by it because I didn’t say so… so here you go YOU GUYS KICK ASS OUT THERE FLOATING AROUND ON THE OCEANS LIKE IT WAS A PLAYGROUND AND A PUDDLE! Always looking forward to the next entry and good travels always. Gunnar

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