Our friends Travor, Fiona, Dave and Jeremy on Gadfly, a boat form the same Melbourne club I come from, have caught up with us here in Lord Howe, giving us yet another excuse to celebrate. After a staggering win of Berlin Express over Gadfly in a lawn bowling match, we went to the radio shed again and had one of the best nights so far. The small place was packed and everyone was dancing… Will be good to sail along with Gadfly for a while. But my head this morning told me that I have to take it easy with these big nights for a while. Too bad that there’s another BBQ on the beach and dance night at the bowling club tonight… Ok, one more but this will be it… ;-)

Click here for two videos:



syd-to-lord-howe-082.jpg   syd-to-lord-howe-099.jpg   syd-to-lord-howe-104.jpg   syd-to-lord-howe-115.jpg   syd-to-lord-howe-122.jpg   syd-to-lord-howe-135.jpg   syd-to-lord-howe-166.jpg   syd-to-lord-howe-153.jpg

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