Looking back from Djibouti

After 22 days at sea, over 2300 nautical miles and on literally the last pieces of fruit and chocolate we arrive in Djibouti. Surprisingly, we are not even that exhausted and the 3 weeks feel like just a few days. Reckon this make clearer than anything else how very well we got along with each other and how much we enjoyed every day. There’s only one other yacht here and the city seems far smaller and more local than we thought. Colors everywhere in an addictive mixture of Africa and Arabia.

We’re looking forward to 3 relaxing days of indulgance before pushing on to Egypt but also use the time to look back on the Indian Ocean, which we got to know as a place full of beauty. The Islands of Maldives are as amazing as people picture them to be… but only if you manage to look off the beaten track and away from the resort islands. And what can I say about the ocean? Big, beautiful, unpredictable and full of energy as always. Chloe, Richard and I had a fantastic time, sailing gales, enduring calms, spoiling us with delicious food and talking on the top deck under the sun shade.

I feel like Australia is far away… and well it ‘IS’ far away. Europe is close. A new start, a new adventure ahead… dear BE will soon carve her way through the Med. All welcome as usual… you know our address!

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  1. vics brown Says:

    Hey there
    just wanted to say hi to the guy that got chloe on the water and loving it. Look after her, she is ace and your journey looks amazing.
    Happy sailing x vics

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