Big step forward

On day 18 of this passage the GPS clicks over to 1700 nautical miles sailed since the Maldives and we enter the Gulf of Aden leaving the Indian Ocean behind. Another big milestone on my voyage back to Europe and above all in 3 days I will be on the sea with Berlin Express for exactly one year. Every night since leaving Melbourne 12 months ago, I slept aboard this great lady, who looked after me so well. During all that time I got to know and to love her in every little detail with all her strengths and flaws. She took me to beautiful foreign places and we got to know even more beautiful people. And like hundred times before I sit at my navigation table during a night shift and write a logbook entry to my good friend Thomas in Germany, who not just created the website but also maintains it.

BE has once again found her groove and despite being very hard into the wind, we do over 5 knots in gentle sea with an ease I never will stop to admire. Moon hasn’t risen yet and we sail under trillions of stars with a bow wave of bright silver phosporencence. The wind generator is turning eagerly, the auto pilot grunts solidly and the crew is sleeping. Well, this is actually not quite correct because something else has changed during this trip. From the two types of snoring inside BE only one is from a crew. The other is from Chloe. Someone so special to me that this trip of mine has becomes ‘our’ trip home. So, it looks like it’s true: one year can be more than just 12 months and an ocean is more than just water between two continents.

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  1. Jackie Ray Says:

    Hi Stefan - sorry, it’s Chloe’s mum here again - I had to write again because you write so beautifully - you should be a poet! And it’s nice to know that Chloe is special to you because I know you are to her! You have had a really amazing year - you will have to write a book when you get back. Shame about Chloe’s snoring - we have all endured it at some time. Hope the weather stays kind to you. Look forward to the next log.
    Love jackiex

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