With the weather and sea having settled down hopes were high that Marlon’s finally gets over his terrible seasickness… but his stomach has other plans. He hasn’t properly eaten and drunken for almost a week and therefore become so weak that he can hardly move. Having tried everything I could aboard it is clear to me that I have to act and hence make the decision to get him to land for professional treatment as soon as possible. Closest land is a week sailing away and therefore the only feasible option is to transfer him to a commercial vessel, which are over 5 times faster than us and mostly have medical staff aboard.

Marlon agrees and I jump on the radio to enquire help plus sail more north towards the main shipping lane. The first vessel to respond is a 100m Japanese support vessel for tankers. Nice people but not willing to help. However I have a nice chat, get some better medicine for Marlon and some cake and whiskey for the rest us. Better then nothing, I’d say.

One day passes but the next vessel is a winner. An about 300m Danish container vessel about 20 miles away offers help straight away and 1 hour after contacting the friendly captain, his chief officer is on board BE with 3 other crew to get Marlon. In the mean time the captain contacts an American war vessel close by which will pick Marlon up via helicoper to get him to land. We are simply stunned how quickly and efficient it all works and are happy for Marlon. And believe it or not, the Danish vessel gave us a slab of Coke as a present, which will go soooooo very nicely with the whiskey ;-) So, once the sails are up again we take a deep breath and have a dink together wishing Marlon to get well soon.

I am still very sad that this happened and will take some learnings out of it, however, I am also glad to see that the unspoken etiquette of sailing to help each other still exists. To me, this sets sailing apart from many other activities and maybe one day we are able to return the favor to someone else.

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  1. jackie ray Says:

    Hi Stefan - this is Chloe’s mum here - just wanted to say how sorry I am to hear about Marlon - poor chap must be desolate to have been taken off and feeling so ill as well. However, he has obviously been in very good hands and you have made a good decision. Sounds like you are all doing a good job looking after each other - hope the weather gets better and there are no further mishaps. Can’t wait to meet you one of these days.

    Love jackie

  2. Malcolm Says:

    C’mon Stef - admit it… the real reason is that Marlon just couldn’t stand listening to your German reggae CD any more :)

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