Rough start

This does feel familiar… but unfortunately to something I try not to remember. Since leaving the Maledives we’ve been constantly beating into the wind with at least one depression each day including quite strong squalls and rain. In between there are also calm patches which are especially pleasant in choppy sea. On top of that Marlon is doing tough fighting seasickness.

However, the good news is that Richard became a valuable member of team BE and together with Chloe, who is a real natural talent for this and enjoys it as much as I do, the three of us take all the shi*t the sea throws at us with quite some ease. Considering the short time we’ve spent together we have already developed a great understanding for each other, the boat and the sea, sometimes working hard for hours in pouring rain but always laughing over a cup of tea (yes, I am outnumbered here by English ;-) at the end. Wind is also not too strong keeping the sea neatly under 3m. Wind direction is not ideal but still enables us to sail roughly in the right direction.

In a nutshell, progress is poor but we’re having fun… still hoping for that one magic change which will bring back the NE monsoon with it’s sunny relaxed sailing and no wet weather gear. Till then cafe and cake ;-)

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