Long ago I’ve stopped counting my attempts to improve the windvane steering and almost accepted the unusual high steering forces caused by the tiller arm for the pendulum rudder and the almost impossible acrobatic procedure to set up teh hole thing up. So, whilst fascinated about my latest idea I was hesitant to get too excited…. but it works!!!

I’ve built a completely new rudder for the boat totally separately from the main rudder only for the wind steering and because it is far aft of the boat it works unbelievably well. No comparison to the old design, it’s so accurate and easy to set up…and also the main rudder works again perfectly. Only think missing i now a proper sea trial.

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  1. Kjell Says:

    Finally got the wind vane to work?, Cool. Really hope it works because it is the best tool ever when it does. You may go a little out of course if you dont pay attention but you should compensate by great speed since it keeps the wind in the same direction to the boat and henche the trimming is always right.
    good luck on the next leg.

    youer friend kjell

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