Turning Point

What the f**ck was I thinking! Most likely not too much, because I’d been so engrossed in racing from A to B in a specific timeframe over the last 2 months, that I completely forgot what this should be all about.

Sea settled today to under 2 m, smooth waves. 15 knots fresh breeze from the NE, full suit of sails up: main, genoa, staysail. Heading almost directly westwards - right where the sun was about to set. Something told me to disengage the autopilot and hand steer… The best idea I’ve had for a long time, because the moment I put my hands on the wheel, changed everything… and made me remember, why I am out here.

So beautifully balanced was she, the firm pressure of the wind in the sails - slight heel. The feeling of catching a gentle wind increase and converting into speed. gliding over a sun drenched ocean, BE cuts trough the water with so much grace, creating a big white bubbly bow wave. Water rushing past fast. Around us nothing but ocean… majestic, beautiful, wide, deep blue open ocean…. and I am here, at the helm of BE! … for how long was I dreaming of this very feeling!

Of course, little did I know at the start about what it takes to get this far and god knows that there are things about BE and the trip that drive me nuts. She has almost as many flaws and issues as her skipper. But just now… it’s prefect and I know it wouldn’t be anything like it if she wasn’t exactly who she is and me not the one I am.

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