Half time

Skipper better and Maledives in sight. If only there weren’t millions of maga monster super tankers around us wherever we go, like they are driving circles around us. Well at least they don’t want me to sleep, that’s for sure. They even play ‘chicken’ with me, which is in my opinion a little bit unfair, but NO ONE calls me a chicken. So, here is how it goes:

Two billion-trillion ton tanker line up side by side on the horizon, heading straight towards me. I put up all canvas I’ve got to accelerate to a mind blowing 10th of their speed and maybe confuse them a little bit by unpredictable course changes by the windvane. And what do I say? So far they always chickened out and altered their course going left and right of us. Reckon, we must look quite impressively big out here! What else?

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