Big highs and big lows

Today BE topped her former daily best by covering mindblowing 153 nautical miles in 24 h. Reason to celebrate if only the skipper wouldn’t have gotten one of these rare Chinese stomach bugs making him feel absolutely shit and limiting all movements to pathetic crawling with occasional weak sighs of pain. Can’t eat, can’t drink, can’t sleep. Ahhhh, this is so much no fun out here! Better give these colorful fancy antibiotics a shot.

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  1. Kjell O. Says:

    It is quite common to get a beginning ulser while sailing. Mostly because of the food you eat. Big meals on land, small meals at sea and so on. The schrinking and expanding of the stomack is not good for it. Try if you get ill at sea and dont have tablets for that at least stay away from acid food and drink. No coffe, no beer, no spices, no tomato or other ’spicy’ fruit. You’ll figure it out but please buy some ulser medicine in next port.

    Take care
    Youer pal kjell

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