Indian Ocean

First day at sea on my own and it took surprisingly only 5 hours till I started talking with myself ;-) 1500 nautical miles ahead of me to the Maledives and to Chloe… I am very very exited. BE behaved well and runs currently under Spinnaker at over 6 knots! …but there also quite a few calm patches until we get into the clean NE monsoon out in the ocean. Love it all! Salad for dinner, a piece of strictly rationed chocolate, maybe a movie later and yet another deep conversation with myself.

p2070001b.jpg be-leaving-phuket.jpg

2 Responses to “Indian Ocean”

  1. Malcolm Says:

    As a very good friend of mine used to say… A W E S O M E :)

    Not just singlehanding, but singlehanding under spinnaker, eh? Bluddy show off ;-)

  2. Malcolm Says:

    Oh - and remember the old adage… one hand for the ship, one for yourself… at least until you get Chloe on board, anyway :)

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