Gotta watch THIS

If you only watch one thing from this site, it has to be this one. My recap of the first 6 months in the pacific. Rather big file, but worth it. Trust me!

sailing-the-pacific-2.wmv (16.0 MB)

3 Responses to “Gotta watch THIS”

  1. Kjell O. Says:

    Great video, you are a f***** genious, i know how hard it can be to pice togehter shit like this. Great Job, Reall love the beginning and the end, hehe.
    Have a great day, keep on rocking.


  2. Thommi Says:

    Ganz grosses Kino! Hat mir wirklich gefallen.
    Und ich bin zwischendurch mal froh, dass ich hier bin und nicht da. Mancher Seegang sah ja uebel aus, dabei war das bestimmt noch gar nichts…
    Gut gemacht!

  3. irfan / rizan Says:

    hi how r u all .
    all the best for your trip , god bless u all.

    im marlons friend and wheres marlon now and what happen? on ur page it says marlon not well

    please reply me



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