What a passage! Headwind and current all the way, meaning constant tacking into choppy sea. Hece, for the roughly 1000 nautical miles direct line from Bali to Singapore we actually needed about 1600 miles and over 19 days! But who counts as we still had some fun on the way. Parents were even more relaxed than I was.

And now we’re finally in Singapore, a big too tidy, too clean, too organized, to artifical city for my taste but what the hell. Let’s celebrate, big time!!! and trying not to think about the repair work, I’ve to do and the 1000 euro bloody autopilot I have to replace… Such is life. BE is unstoppable and this is all part of it!

p1190009.jpg p1200015.jpg p1200017.jpg pict2086.JPG pict2092.JPG pict2120.JPG pict2129.JPG p1220019.jpg p1220025.jpg p1220027.jpg p1230032.jpg p1250047.jpg

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