Retreat Part II

The Java Sea looks more like a bigger lake on the map than an ocean and whilst the wind was forecasted similar to 3 days before who could possibly expect similar conditions? That would be far to predictable… but unfortunately was the case. I reckon it was 6 hours again after we chickened back behind an island… but at least we had our first 5 uninterrupted hours of sleep since the start.

I was wrecked! Westwards is were BE and I need to go. So what the hell is going on? I tell you what’s going on. Freakin’ NE Monsoon is what’s happening… and to make it worse, I knew it! The SE winds are over and replaced by thundery squally and rainy NW winds. I knew! Not happy! … and it even took some girly screaming and heavy manly swearing to make me feel better.

Making ok progress now behind the large Indonesian Island Madura and spirits are up again because of my amazing parents and some emails from close friends. But we all know that the Java Sea with its vicious western current and winds is still out there waiting. Let’s apply an offshore fishing strategy and let it fight and scream until it’s exhausted… prayers of a fool or genius? We’ll see.

p1050041.JPG p1050040.JPG p1050058.JPG p1050071.jpg p1050079.jpg

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