Only 500 nautical miles into the wind to get into the SW trades is the simple little task I set for ourselves. OK, the wind was still quite strong and yes, the tropical typhoon Melanie had just passed 2 days ago, but… Jes’ just writing this feels terribly stupid now and to cut a long painful experience short, we lasted 6 hours in 4 meter messy waves and strong gusty wind. BE was hammered by the steep waves so heavily that the timber ‘toe’ boards along the edge of the deck around the bow were ripped off by the water rushing past each time the nose dove into the water!

Above all and mostly due to the 1 knot plus current from the West, we weren’t able to gain any heights and started drifted eastwards past the Bali Straight out of which we came loosing over 20 miles. Only a couple of hours longer and we hadn’t been able to return. Mental note: BE is a fine lady but doesn’t like to go windward in a chop at all… but neither do I! So, let’s try the northern route direction Singapore and Phuket.


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