The challenge is up!

The stunning Maledives are the goal. Let’s get out of the rain season and catch up with the milk run flotilla up in the north. Cocktails, sun, possibly Europe still this year and maybe a reunion with someone special, too ;-)

But how do we do that? January is the start of the NE Monsoon with the most heavy westerlies in the hole year plus the cyclone season in the Southern Indian Ocean close to Australia has just started. This will be one though ride, I knew.

And what about my parents who’ve just arrived to do some relaxed island cruising, sun bathing and snorkeling. Why not take them with you? Yes, that’s what we do! And I didn’t even have to convince them as they didn’t want me tackle these conditions on my own anyway. Mum and Dad both extend their holidays for another 3 weeks per text message! Sometimes you can only marvel how cool your parents can be.

Shopping for provisions same day, usual issues with visas and permits at the authorities (we had to clear out which means that we’re theoretically not allowed to stop in Indo any more) and we’re ready.


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