Backyard Magic

The workshop was mere 3 x 3 m with a beaten up roller shutter to the small backstreet where I sat on my scooter loaded with my brooken anchor winch plus 220V inverter. There was all kinds of stuff lying everywhere and just before I could think ‘maybe this is rather a place to replace horse shoes…’ I was surrounded by 8 people discussing the problem. No one really knew ar first that it was an anchor winch but that didn’t stop them to say after 5 min: ‘No problem, we can do this. Come back tomorrow’. Well, why not!

When I came back today I couldn’t believe it when I say both things fixed. No not just fixed, the anchor winch runs as good as new and for the inverter they even got parts from the main city an hour away.

These people rock! I am sure that the guys in the marine just 500m away would have taken 10 times longer, charged 5 times more and most of all would have whinged about how difficult it is. In Germany they probably would have tried to sell me a new one straight away. But not these fellow. They look after the local fishing boats. No money there but creativity and determination. My conclusion: ARAK for the entire crew and my faith in good skilled people fully restored.

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