…and beyond

The stars seemed brighter in these nights although Orion smiling down on us from am akward angle. Strong currents at times right in our face making us go backwards and at others with us with BE happier then ever before. More things broke on BE, some we fixed. Planned destinations got out of reach because expectations never work. The ocean of Sundays whispering of endless opportunities during a watch on the foredeck. 1,5 months and the difference between a beautiful intermezzo or an attempt on the real life less ordinary…

VIDEO: VIDEO: here we go again
VIDEO: fun-with-chloe-and-stef.WMV

pb300050.JPG pb300024.JPG pc010076.JPG pc100184.JPG pc040092.JPG pc130190.JPG pc150229.JPG pc170285.JPG pc170294.JPG pc150218.JPG pb260360.JPG

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  1. Thommi Says:

    If digital photography hadn’t been invented life would be much poorer because I would have no possiblity to enjoy the photos of your trip. I like them a lot. Don’t stop posting!
    I didn’t know you can grow broccoli underwater ;-)

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