Offshore… as it should be

Great start out of Sydney under full set of sails. Screaming along with the building westerlies and already making plans for an early arrival at Lord Howe. 135 nm in the first 24h…

Then… Massive Thunderstorms during the nights… encircled by lighting everywhere. Squalls, Spray, down to one small staysail. Riding a confused sea of up to 4m throwing us wildly from one side to the other… no real fun and no real sleep… Carefully watching this big pot of boiling water on our heavily shaking stove… Food lies heavy in my stomach… not really happy!

But there’s always a next day… opening up, sunrise, the ocean settles… everything forgotten… Deep blue, sun, crisp air, slight heel, 6 knots plus… 100 nm to go but it doesn’t matter… this is what we came here for. Berlin Express is loving it and we’re all smiling with her ;-)

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