Being a good man, I took pity with beautiful Chloe and crazy Stefan2, who wandered aimlessly around in Bali. I got them drunk until they passed out, dragged them to the boat and let them wake up on the ocean direction Lombok ;-)

We found some amazing diving sites in the Gillie islands with the clearest water I’ve seen in a long time. Chloe decided that we’re all up for a haircut and Stefan showed us who cool it is to be dragged behind a kite, when there’s just not enough wind. Surf is lausy as usual but I don’t mind and just enjoy this relaxig daysailing. Great vibes on BE!

pb050036.JPG img_0505.jpg img_0566.jpg img_0593.jpg pb080139.JPG pb080112.JPG

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  1. stefan2 Says:

    heyho captain stef,

    thanx heaps, was a great week although the lousy surf & kitesurf conditiones, enjoyed every minute!! keep it up!

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