Going Nowhere

We’re stuck. Two large days brought us well offshore but unfortunately not far enough to get into clean air and know we’re sitting on the ocean drifting in the wrong direction. Started giving the first sacrifices to Neptune although I am not very superstitious… but you never know, it may help ;-)

imgp0359.JPG pa190799.JPG imgp0386.JPG pa180713.JPG pa200979.JPG imgp0364.JPG imgp0396.JPG

3 Responses to “Going Nowhere”

  1. Thommi Says:

    Amazing photos! Is it sky on the second (imgp0374.JPG) photo? And is it the entrance to heaven? ;-) I’ve never seen something like that.

  2. Stef Says:

    It’s the ocean, mate. Once you’re far offshore the water is absolutely clear and you can see forever. You see the light rays disapear into the depth and almost expect a whale or a shark to come up anytime. Just like swimming in the Havel ;-)

  3. Thommi Says:

    Sorry for me being such a city-slicker! I thought of a special kind of cloud constellation… But the exchanged photo including the foot is helpful…

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