Yes, I was optimistic when I left because there was a Southerly lift predicted some 70 miles away. Maybe, I was a bit disappointed when this wind wasn’t there but I took it like man and started motoring through some calm patches. Certainly, I was a bit frustrated when the sea built and even under motor I hardly made any progress. Very much so, I was angry when the first thrunderstorms came blowing right in my face.

On day 4 I radioed a container ship and ask them to send a email to Chloe to let her and my parents know that I’ll be a bit late (I told them it would take me only 2-3 days).

Gosh I was happz when I saw Sardinia on the horizont and some 10 mile away, I started texting everyone thinking I would be snuggled up in an achorage soon. But I made this plan without the Sardinian biest! This one came out of nowwhere and blow again right in my face. I reefed down to storm sails but it kept on building, I had to bear away to make progress, then I had to start motorsailing not to miss Sardinia! I was reallz pissed off, when it ripped my storm sail! I didn’t really care that I ended up 20 miled from where I wanted to arrive… at least I made it!

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