Kimberly Cruising

Wow, this was the slowest passage of my life! … too often we had to start the engine to make any progress or not to drift backwards… and everyone should know that I HATE running under engine. It’s a blo*dy sailing boat for christ’s sake! Ok, that was the bad news ;-)

The good news is that the Kimberlies where truly stunning and even if we didn’t have time to linger around for too long we saw some amazing places. Highlight was Crocodile Creek where you anchor in a tiny pool surrounded by tall cliffs, which get’s totally separated from the ocean at low tide.

This all was the right setting for a really cool time on BE with Christina and Nick. No opportunity for a drink was left out and if there was nothing happening we made something up. God, we even sang ‘I am sailing’. If this doesn’t tell it all.


Tide’s were in general an amazing thing on the trip with up to 9 meters tidal range and currents far over 5 knots. Must have been our outstanding navigation skills that we didn’t run aground ;-) Ah, and then there were whales! Shit lots of them. Everywhere. Jumping, Swimming far, close and waving at us, double and even triple loops, forward and backwards…


Now relaxing in Broome until Nick heads back to Melbourne. After that getting ready for the passage to Bali. Surf’s waiting!

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  1. Agustín Says:

    What a beautiful vessel BE is! I love her lines! I begin to discover your adventure, but now I am sure I gonna follow it… When you come to Uruguay, you will have a place to stay. (And some beer) The world is your home! yayayayay

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