Afloat again

Did I pack the stuffing box correctly? Have I missed anything? Will the engine start? … and all this stuff is going through my head when the travel lift slowly lowers BE back into it’s wet home. And… she loves it!!! Engine fires up as new (must be the good service it got) and we’re off again. So, bloody damn good to be on the water again.

During the last 2 weeks we’ve done:
- new anti-fouling with some spot priming as required
- repaint hull above waterline
- weld all lifeline posts, pushpit, pullpit and granny bars to deck to eliminate screw holes
- remove ugly bar from rudder for windvane, which created high steering forces and replace with robe system directly onto wheel (yet to be tested offshore, bar can be reattached)
- weld trim foil to rudder to further improve balance of rudder
- install big hand hold to steering pedestrial
- eliminate and weld shut two through holes by joining with other outlets
- service engine (new oil, filters, belts…)
- replace box with gas bottles with large bench for more space in cockpit
- minor repairs to sails
- improve HF radio with new ground and arial connections
- new halyards and preventer
- and thanks to Malcolm: three additional mast steps

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