This is what can happen to you when you spent too much time at sea ;-)


3 Responses to “Pissed”

  1. Thommi Says:

    “…ein schwarzer seemann weiss…” :-)

  2. Liesa Martin Says:

    I just had a look at the photos of, and was reading about, the hard work you did in Darwin (brings back memories!). So I was pleased to see from this clip that it hasn’t all been hard work :) And I can definitely relate to that feeling of ‘this is it’! Keep the updates coming! It’s wonderful to see you achieving your goal and having a great time along the way.
    Liesa x

  3. Michael, Constant Bay Says:

    Well after that appalling perfomance, I know you will never be allowed on my boat, where no beer is ever drunk, especially at sea.

    Fantastic steff.


    Ps I actually left Aus without any beer on board this trip. No wonder it seemed so long

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