Look at this water!!!

Even the Pacific or the Maldives would struggle to keep up with this cristal clear water in Turkey. Still a little bit nippy but every day of sunshine gets us closer to the perfect swimming. Boat is loaded up full with treats and we’re trying to dodge the summer crowds on our quest for the last unspoiled anchorages…

p5120012.jpg p5120003.jpg p5120004.jpg

2 Responses to “Look at this water!!!”

  1. Kjell Says:


    Amazing water, really really cool. The boat looks great too, i see you have solar panels, a noise maker and fancy david’s. hehe. The black dingy is new or?? That one must be nice and hot to sit on after 5 hours in the sun :)

    Have a great week.
    your friend in Tonga, kjell

  2. Gunnar Says:

    Hi Berlin Express people, I’m glad to see you’re back on the go. Was worried for a while you were giving up on this fantastic lifestyle. Very happy to see things are good!!! You guys kick as and are a real example of living a dream. All the best. I’ll keep on reading with pleasure. Gunnar

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