Now I see…

Finally we get to know what it is like to sail without any commitments to be at a certain place at a cerain date. And it is fantastic! Just going with the wind, skipping bad weather and enjoying the good days to the fullest. Daysailing from one anchorage to the other. Catching up with good friends like Aleksey or Mike and Danıelle. That’s the way! …and I don’t even worry anymore that we still have no clue on what to do for work or even where to live in the future. It will all come together soon… I reckon… maybe …well, who cares!

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  1. Barry Says:

    so thats where you’re hiding! no wonder why you didnt reply to my call a couple weeks ago. Wanted to meet up for drinks and food with Phil.
    So where in Europe are you??? Have fun with your crew! I am jealous as ever!

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