No rock at Single Rock

After 1547 Nautical Miles on open ocean in 11 and a half days, we’re passing through a tiny gap in the outer Great Barrier Reef called Single Rock Entrance into the sheltered lagoon. I deliberately picked this passage because it’s at a narrow section of the reef for quick access to the inner shipping lane and most of all, I assumed, the big rock shown on the chart at one side of the passage would make it easy to find. Well, no big rock at single rock passage, I am telling you ;-) But we found it anyway…

We treat ourselves to a small French-German celebration party with some wine and a cooked breakfast and are now tiptoeing through the reef to find the inner shipping lane, which will take us to Thursday Island on the upper north-east corner of Australia.

Good to be back in Australia although I have to admit that it looks pretty sad up here with no sun, heavy clouds and lots of rain. Well, we’re not allowed to stop anyway until we’re cleared in at Thursday Island so no big deal. I have the feeling it will be quite different on the western side of the cape york peninsula. So, on y vas!

p8260008.JPG   p8280021.JPG   p8280019.JPG

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