1000 Nautical Miles

With some great tunes thumbing out of the stereo, we race the trade winds towards Torres Straight with day of 130 to 145 nautical miles a day. Good girl she is ;-). 1000nm covered so far, about 700nm still to go. Sea is relatively moderate with about 2 to 3 m shortish waves however still enough to let BE occasionally swing wildly from one side to the other when surfing down a steep wave. Limits of a windvane but I’m not complaining as I would go nowhere without this little but of metal at the back of the boat… so I simply hold on to the pots a bit more when cooking ;-)

Check out this video: steaming.WMV

Crossing the main shipping lane now. Very funny because I actually saw two of these super tankers alter the course to avoid us. But maybe we just look to bl**dy helpless ;-)

Down to the last banana and last pack of M&M, which is good because the uptight Australian Quarantine Authorities probably wouldn’t even allow an unwashed spoon to enter the country. ‘Quarantine matter’ - get lost! Will leave dirty dishes everywhere when the do the inspection… Revolution!

sail-007.jpg   sail-003.jpg   to-oz-021.jpg   to-oz-002.jpg   to-oz-021.jpg   to-oz-033.jpg

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