Thank you Dave…


for this poem….

An Ode to the Berlin Express
To those who have sailed the seven seas,
With help of gusts and gales and breeze,
No sight is as dear as a sunset with friends,
And so dear those friends will be ’till the end.

A red boat she is, almost 12 metres long,
A sight so beautiful, should be remembered in song.
Or at least a poem, a rhyme or a rap,
And hopefully in stanza which won’t be too crap!

I spent almost two weeks, feeling her keel,
Hoisting and steering, on course, with such zeal.
With Chloe, her smile, sarky wit and good nature,
Complemented by Stef, her hero and saviour.

Sea air, blue skies,
Rough waves, panda eyes,
All combine in my memory which over time will be hazy,
But thanks to the magic of Canon, I don’t mind being lazy,
For I can look back in time, with no need for distress,
On my wonderful time on the Berlin Express.


2 Responses to “Thank you Dave…”

  1. gunnar Says:

    Still enjoying very much your website. I wonder what will be happening next! Amazing the things you guys are doing. You rock the house (boat)

  2. jackie ray Says:

    Hi - this is Chloe’s mum - what a lovely poem!! I think we have all been put under BE’s spell one way or the other and will all be so sorry to see her go - but as you say you have photos and memories which will last a lifetime.

    Jackie x

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