Fiji to New Caledonia

A friend told me that once I’d in the trade winds, our cockpit will always stay dry and we’ll be sipping cockails each day while making on record day after the other. Well… he was kind of right ;-) With up to 144 meiles per day we were steaming from Fiji to New Caledonia and arrived after 750 miles in just under 6 days. However, we have to work on this cocktail business a bit more because halfwind course may leave the cockpit dry but also creates a hell of different rolling motions…

Our third crew member, Emily from America, did excellent and we managed the moderate seas of about 2 to 3 meters with constant chop and wind of 15 to 25 knots in the usual relaxed manner. Dean also broke new ground in the loudness of his snorring ;-) which he surely will deny but we have proof!

One highlight was the close encounter with a 8 m whale, who swam alongside for a while in the middle of the ocean. A couple of times he got so close that we were afraid of hitting him, which we of course didn’t. Just before leaving he turned to the side and eyeballed us from about 5m distance. We all were stoked by the experience.

On the other hand, the night when we ripped the genoa in a gust and the tangled the sheet in the prop is not really my favorit memory. But once we freed the prop from the sheet in the morning and hoisted the spare jib, we were happy again.

Lessons learned: Don’t rip sails and buy less eggs.

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