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Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

Yes, I was optimistic when I left because there was a Southerly lift predicted some 70 miles away. Maybe, I was a bit disappointed when this wind wasn’t there but I took it like man and started motoring through some calm patches. Certainly, I was a bit frustrated when the sea built and even under motor I hardly made any progress. Very much so, I was angry when the first thrunderstorms came blowing right in my face.

On day 4 I radioed a container ship and ask them to send a email to Chloe to let her and my parents know that I’ll be a bit late (I told them it would take me only 2-3 days).

Gosh I was happz when I saw Sardinia on the horizont and some 10 mile away, I started texting everyone thinking I would be snuggled up in an achorage soon. But I made this plan without the Sardinian biest! This one came out of nowwhere and blow again right in my face. I reefed down to storm sails but it kept on building, I had to bear away to make progress, then I had to start motorsailing not to miss Sardinia! I was reallz pissed off, when it ripped my storm sail! I didn’t really care that I ended up 20 miled from where I wanted to arrive… at least I made it!

Malta… accidently

Saturday, October 10th, 2009

I had this nifty little plan of elegantly sailing along the South coast of Sicily ro the W end ready to tackle the Western Med, but…. well, I ended up in Malta. What a place! Even I got all history, when I sailed past all these fortresses and old palasts… There is no anchoring in Valetta and a marina berth is about 50 Euros a day, so how lucky am I that I (again accidenty) befriended an old freidnly local sailor, who offered me to stay at his spot for free!

Had the most expensive internet session in my life with 3.5 Euros per 30min! but love the place… however still ready to get moving. Checking weather…

Sicily, done deal

Friday, October 9th, 2009

Easy as…. was running out of wind at the end but arrived safe and sound after about 3 days and 280 nm. The massive mount Etna was visible already 70nm offshore! No mafia in sight (so far;-)

Ok then, I am off

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

Light Northerly winds predicted. Now is the time! …and this time it will be just me again. Me and BE!

Ready to Rumble

Monday, October 5th, 2009

We made it up to Kefallonia in the North-West of Greece and are now waiting for the right weather for the passage to Italy! Weather is starting to change, colder nights, more rain, summer’s gone… gotta go West, ideally South, gotta go somewhere for the winter, somewhere to work.