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5 Stars PLUS

Tuesday, February 26th, 2008

Chloe is back! and after provisioning we leave Male to see what the Maldives are all about. We find perfect beaches, anchor in the middle of nowhere off sandbanks and see sharks while diving. Dinner is served on deck. Happy!


Big Fish and hot Tuna

Saturday, February 23rd, 2008

Just schnorkling for 15 min, I already saw turtles, over 1m long cods, million of reef fishes and one 2.5m sting ray. This is great and can’t wait to go scuba diving. Only annoying thing is that if you motor too close to one of these 5 star resorts, there’s always someone who tries to send you away so that the bloody guests can have their quite empty beach. Who do they think they are?

After that I had a few new friends over for curry and I messed it up! I should have tasted this new curry powder I’d bought first! because it was more chilly than curry and we were sweating like pigs in the slaughterhouse.


Wednesday, February 20th, 2008

1550 nautilcal miles in exactly 13 days brought me in one smooth ride Male in the Maldives (and you wonder, what was there first Male or ‘Male’dives ;-) Cool place full of super yachts as far as I can see and beautiful people, local people that is! Because I am yet to see a tourist in Male. Well, they probably hide in 5 star resorts. Well, good on them. I am here and happy. So, where are these perfect beaches now?



Turning Point

Saturday, February 16th, 2008

What the f**ck was I thinking! Most likely not too much, because I’d been so engrossed in racing from A to B in a specific timeframe over the last 2 months, that I completely forgot what this should be all about.

Sea settled today to under 2 m, smooth waves. 15 knots fresh breeze from the NE, full suit of sails up: main, genoa, staysail. Heading almost directly westwards - right where the sun was about to set. Something told me to disengage the autopilot and hand steer… The best idea I’ve had for a long time, because the moment I put my hands on the wheel, changed everything… and made me remember, why I am out here.

So beautifully balanced was she, the firm pressure of the wind in the sails - slight heel. The feeling of catching a gentle wind increase and converting into speed. gliding over a sun drenched ocean, BE cuts trough the water with so much grace, creating a big white bubbly bow wave. Water rushing past fast. Around us nothing but ocean… majestic, beautiful, wide, deep blue open ocean…. and I am here, at the helm of BE! … for how long was I dreaming of this very feeling!

Of course, little did I know at the start about what it takes to get this far and god knows that there are things about BE and the trip that drive me nuts. She has almost as many flaws and issues as her skipper. But just now… it’s prefect and I know it wouldn’t be anything like it if she wasn’t exactly who she is and me not the one I am.

p2090005.jpg p2150017.jpg p2150028.jpg p2160039.jpg p2150012.jpg

Half time

Wednesday, February 13th, 2008

Skipper better and Maledives in sight. If only there weren’t millions of maga monster super tankers around us wherever we go, like they are driving circles around us. Well at least they don’t want me to sleep, that’s for sure. They even play ‘chicken’ with me, which is in my opinion a little bit unfair, but NO ONE calls me a chicken. So, here is how it goes:

Two billion-trillion ton tanker line up side by side on the horizon, heading straight towards me. I put up all canvas I’ve got to accelerate to a mind blowing 10th of their speed and maybe confuse them a little bit by unpredictable course changes by the windvane. And what do I say? So far they always chickened out and altered their course going left and right of us. Reckon, we must look quite impressively big out here! What else?


Tuesday, February 12th, 2008

Call national geographic, quick! I somehow managed to loose the metal tiller arm for my windvane again, which I just manufactured in Singapore. As it can impossibly be my lack of engineering, it hence must be aliens. Easy as that. So, from tonight onwards we sleep again with the soothing brrr, brrrr, brrr of the autopilot. great!

Big highs and big lows

Tuesday, February 12th, 2008

Today BE topped her former daily best by covering mindblowing 153 nautical miles in 24 h. Reason to celebrate if only the skipper wouldn’t have gotten one of these rare Chinese stomach bugs making him feel absolutely shit and limiting all movements to pathetic crawling with occasional weak sighs of pain. Can’t eat, can’t drink, can’t sleep. Ahhhh, this is so much no fun out here! Better give these colorful fancy antibiotics a shot.

Indian Ocean

Friday, February 8th, 2008

First day at sea on my own and it took surprisingly only 5 hours till I started talking with myself ;-) 1500 nautical miles ahead of me to the Maledives and to Chloe… I am very very exited. BE behaved well and runs currently under Spinnaker at over 6 knots! …but there also quite a few calm patches until we get into the clean NE monsoon out in the ocean. Love it all! Salad for dinner, a piece of strictly rationed chocolate, maybe a movie later and yet another deep conversation with myself.

p2070001b.jpg be-leaving-phuket.jpg


Tuesday, February 5th, 2008

What happened to the sweet vision of beautiful unspoiled beaches like in this bloody movie? This is hectic! No matter where we go, thousands of day tripper show up making too many noise… Well, at least they leave us alone once the sun sets and yes, the islands here are really really nice.

p2020086.jpg dscf0125.jpg dscf0137.jpg dscf0143.jpg dscf0190.jpg dscf0193.jpg dscf0225.jpg p2030120.jpg p2030125.jpg p2030130.jpg p2030138.jpg p2030146.jpg p2030155.jpg