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Gotta watch this 2

Thursday, June 12th, 2008

This is what happens if you give Chloe the computer and 3 months worth of footage ;-)


5 Stars PLUS

Tuesday, February 26th, 2008

Chloe is back! and after provisioning we leave Male to see what the Maldives are all about. We find perfect beaches, anchor in the middle of nowhere off sandbanks and see sharks while diving. Dinner is served on deck. Happy!



Wednesday, February 20th, 2008

1550 nautilcal miles in exactly 13 days brought me in one smooth ride Male in the Maldives (and you wonder, what was there first Male or ‘Male’dives ;-) Cool place full of super yachts as far as I can see and beautiful people, local people that is! Because I am yet to see a tourist in Male. Well, they probably hide in 5 star resorts. Well, good on them. I am here and happy. So, where are these perfect beaches now?



Gotta watch THIS

Tuesday, January 29th, 2008

If you only watch one thing from this site, it has to be this one. My recap of the first 6 months in the pacific. Rather big file, but worth it. Trust me!

sailing-the-pacific-2.wmv (16.0 MB)

Family Business

Monday, December 24th, 2007

Huebbe clan united again and not much has changed. Family is family. Good to have two skilled motivated workers aboard for all the overdue maintenance. Who says parents need to see the island or enjoy the beach when they can help their beloved son ;-) And aside all the work the weather has also changed completely. Whilst Dirk and Chloe enjoyed sunny days with light winds, we now have full-on monsoon with tropical downpours and gusty strong wind. Could almost sail into Kuta when the streets keep on getting flooded like that.

VIDEO: monsoon-rain.WMV

pc240032.JPG pc250036.JPG pc250038.JPG pc250045.JPG

…and beyond

Friday, December 21st, 2007

The stars seemed brighter in these nights although Orion smiling down on us from am akward angle. Strong currents at times right in our face making us go backwards and at others with us with BE happier then ever before. More things broke on BE, some we fixed. Planned destinations got out of reach because expectations never work. The ocean of Sundays whispering of endless opportunities during a watch on the foredeck. 1,5 months and the difference between a beautiful intermezzo or an attempt on the real life less ordinary…

VIDEO: VIDEO: here we go again
VIDEO: fun-with-chloe-and-stef.WMV

pb300050.JPG pb300024.JPG pc010076.JPG pc100184.JPG pc040092.JPG pc130190.JPG pc150229.JPG pc170285.JPG pc170294.JPG pc150218.JPG pb260360.JPG

Kimberly Cruising

Saturday, October 6th, 2007

Wow, this was the slowest passage of my life! … too often we had to start the engine to make any progress or not to drift backwards… and everyone should know that I HATE running under engine. It’s a blo*dy sailing boat for christ’s sake! Ok, that was the bad news ;-)

The good news is that the Kimberlies where truly stunning and even if we didn’t have time to linger around for too long we saw some amazing places. Highlight was Crocodile Creek where you anchor in a tiny pool surrounded by tall cliffs, which get’s totally separated from the ocean at low tide.

This all was the right setting for a really cool time on BE with Christina and Nick. No opportunity for a drink was left out and if there was nothing happening we made something up. God, we even sang ‘I am sailing’. If this doesn’t tell it all.


Tide’s were in general an amazing thing on the trip with up to 9 meters tidal range and currents far over 5 knots. Must have been our outstanding navigation skills that we didn’t run aground ;-) Ah, and then there were whales! Shit lots of them. Everywhere. Jumping, Swimming far, close and waving at us, double and even triple loops, forward and backwards…


Now relaxing in Broome until Nick heads back to Melbourne. After that getting ready for the passage to Bali. Surf’s waiting!

3-freaks.jpg p9300506.JPG imgp1643.JPG p9280330.JPG p9300478.JPG p9300480.JPG p9300522.JPG pa010543.JPG pa020587.JPG pa020606.JPG pa020608.JPG pa030614.JPG pa030622.JPG pa030626.JPG


Monday, September 3rd, 2007

This is what can happen to you when you spent too much time at sea ;-)


1000 Nautical Miles

Thursday, August 16th, 2007

With some great tunes thumbing out of the stereo, we race the trade winds towards Torres Straight with day of 130 to 145 nautical miles a day. Good girl she is ;-). 1000nm covered so far, about 700nm still to go. Sea is relatively moderate with about 2 to 3 m shortish waves however still enough to let BE occasionally swing wildly from one side to the other when surfing down a steep wave. Limits of a windvane but I’m not complaining as I would go nowhere without this little but of metal at the back of the boat… so I simply hold on to the pots a bit more when cooking ;-)

Check out this video: steaming.WMV

Crossing the main shipping lane now. Very funny because I actually saw two of these super tankers alter the course to avoid us. But maybe we just look to bl**dy helpless ;-)

Down to the last banana and last pack of M&M, which is good because the uptight Australian Quarantine Authorities probably wouldn’t even allow an unwashed spoon to enter the country. ‘Quarantine matter’ - get lost! Will leave dirty dishes everywhere when the do the inspection… Revolution!

sail-007.jpg   sail-003.jpg   to-oz-021.jpg   to-oz-002.jpg   to-oz-021.jpg   to-oz-033.jpg

First gale

Tuesday, May 29th, 2007

Not quite what we pictured the tropical trade winds to be, is going through our heads, as we’re beating with tiny staysail, no jib and triple reefed main into 30 knots+ of easterlies with considerate lumpy swell. Half way between Norfolk and Fiji Berlin Express is getting her first really beating. Waves are punching hard against her side from a beamy swell and every now and then she lands heavily after a steep wave… each impact hurts my heart but she’s coping fine. A crisis of different sort is that we’re down to our last 2 chocolate bars, which is a real issue with 3 people…

Click here for two short videos:



lord-howe-to-fiji-025.jpg   lord-howe-to-fiji-024.jpg