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BE up for sale

Wednesday, September 17th, 2008

Our beautiful BE has been our home for the last 2 years in which we sailed from Australia to Europe. She is a traditional longkeel design, with proven offshore capabilities and heaps of living space below. She is ideal for a couple to live aboard but can sleep up to 6. Everyone who comes aboard loves the feel of her.

She has all the gear needed to live and sail in comfort, like autopilots, HF Radio, watermaker, inverters, Solar and Wind generator to name some of her inventory (See inventory list for full details).

We’re still sailing her in Greece till end Nov, we then would either sell her or store her over winter. However our cruising kitty is depleted and while we go back to work we’d rather see her sailing on instead collecting dust on the hard… and yes, the money would come in very handy as well. We are happy to arrange viewings and test sail till then.

at-anchor.jpg top-view.JPG cockpit.JPG engine.JPG foredeck.JPG saloon.JPG galley.JPG looking-aft-out-of-cabin.JPG looking-forward.JPG looking-fward-into-cabin.JPG more-galley.JPG sailing.JPG steering-looking-aft.JPG toile-and-shower.JPG walkway.JPG

Inventory of ‘Berlin Express’

1. 39ft long keel steel cruising cutter designed and build by Folkes in Canada 1986, 12t
2. Yanmar 3GM30 diesel inboard
3. 2.9m inflatable dingy
4. 8hp Yamaha outboard (1 year old)
5. 350l diesel tank
6. 200l water tank + 4 x 20l jerry cans under seat
7. Village Marine water maker
8. Bruce and Danfold anchor with 55m 10mm chain and 70m 18mm robe
9. Less than 1 year old genoa, fair jib, fair stay sail, fair main, torn spinnaker
10. Hydraulic steering

1. 6 person liferaft
2. Flares
3. Registered 406 EPIRP
4. Personal 121 EPIRB
5. Horn
6. Dannboy
7. Life sling

1. Bi data depth and speed
2. Navman autopilot
3. GPS inbuilt
4. GPS handheld
5. Furuno radar
6. CD Stereo system
7. Shore power battery charger and internal power outlets
8. 2000W and 200W 12V to 220V inverter
9. 120W Solar cell with regulator
10. AirMaX wind generator
11. 320Ah house and 80Ah starter battery
12. Heart Link Battery monitor
13. Board Computer with worldwide charts

1. ICOM HF Radio
2. PACTOR II modem
3. VHF radio installed
4. VHF radio handheld

1. Hot water tank (not connected)
2. Sayes Wind vane
3. 2Hp petrol generator
4. Numerous power tools like angle grinder, welder, sander, drill, etc plus spares
5. Trawling and Casting Fishing Rod
6. Heaps of charts of the Med

What took me so long?

Sunday, September 7th, 2008

…to discover the beauty of Greece.

p9060301.jpg p9060302.jpg p9040278.jpg p9060284.jpg p9060292.jpg


Friday, July 25th, 2008

Done deal. Made Samos in no time… Chillan’ like a villan in beautiful Samos with Chloe’s parents and a tasty glass of cold local white wine in our hand. Happy!

Chloe here…Does Stef make any sense to anyone???! It’s certainly all greek to me! Had a blast with Mum and Con - just wish they could’ve stayed a bit longer…all that star-gazing, beer-guzzling, road-trippin and fine dining was a treat for all of us (the port and cheese will not be forgotten in a hurry either!)

img_0222.jpg img_0234.jpg img_0238.jpg img_0243.jpg p7290176.jpg p7300189.jpg p7310197.jpg p7310198b.jpg

Prettier than ever

Tuesday, July 15th, 2008

2 weeks of sweating like pigs in 36 degee heat. Grinding, sanding, priming, again priming, again priming, base coating, base coating, top coat and yet another top coat… and here she is. Have to add photos of the deck. The best deck in th world!!!

ah, yes. The blue keel. Well, that was unintended. We got paint from a friend for free. But this blue turned out to be a great canvas ;-)

p7140142.jpg p7140149.jpg p7140148.jpg models.jpg


Thursday, June 12th, 2008

Having used all sails from big Genoa to storm sail in wind from zero to 40 knots, we arrive after 4 days and 370 nautical miles in Finike, Turkey. It looks like Med, it’s friendly and professional like med and it even smells like Med. Stunning landscape and friendly people. It feels like the hard part is over.

p6150083.jpg p6150085.jpg p6150090.jpg p6260111.jpg p6270113.jpg

This is Andy

Friday, June 6th, 2008

At last, a stupid enough photo of the new no 3 i our team. Andrew in his best ‘rudeboy’ outfit ready to tackle the ocean… (and there apparetly still people out there who think he is ‘cool’ ;-)


Seya Egypt

Friday, June 6th, 2008

Only hours until we hopefully start the last part of the Suez canal and boy, we are sooo ready to leave Egypt. Good country in it’s heart, amazing history but it makes it very very hard for foreigners and especially sailors to discover the ‘real’ Egypt. But that doesn’t matter anymore…

img_3113.JPG p5150463.JPG p5290005.JPG p5310009.JPG p6030023.JPG p6030026.JPG p6030028.JPG p6030037.JPG p6030039.JPG p6030071.JPG

Piece of p***, this little bit of canal through the sand

Saturday, May 31st, 2008

Oh yeah, baby! BE delivered once again and we’re now half way up the Suez Canal. Once the engine has cooled down from the current 5000 degrees, I will give her a big kiss.

Now a few days with Chloe in Cairo and then the rest of the canal. Thing looks bright and during the night I already feel the fresh wind from the Med calling. Soon the hard part will be over and we finally can put our feet up and just chill for days, weeks or months (good to have dreams no matter how unrealistic, isn’t it ;-).


Going overboard

Wednesday, May 14th, 2008

This is strange… not being on the boat for a week. For the first time for over a year, I reluctantly leave BE on her own and venture inland to the famous mystic temples of Egypt under the experienced guidance of Chloe.

Distant memories of backpacking come back to me when we make our way in local busses and trains to Luxor and Azuan. We quickly get into it and there are two experiences which stick out.

Firstly, there is the Felucca ride. 2 days and nights we spent on a traditional sailing boat cruising down the Nile without any engine, GPS, radio or electricity (… and it surprisingly reached its destination with ease ;-). I haven’t been that relaxed for ages!

Secondly, there is the temple of Kanak. This temple is amazing in itself but the circumstances made this experience outstanding. Normally, you always look at temples with trillions of other tourists, which kind of ruins the experience. But this one day we went during the night for a light show, which was already great itself but more importantly did we manage to get away from the firmly guided tour and suddenly found ourselves totally on our own in the most impressive array of gigantic pillars existing on this planet!

And I tell you one thing: there was something! I felt a humbling energy that I normally only find on the ocean. It was an unknown foreign energy, which I found hard to deciver but it left me speachless nevertheless. I couldn’t fully connect to it like to an ocean but it will remain one of the most impressive experiences in my life… no shit!

p5130455.JPG p5130451.JPG p5130427.JPG p5110418.JPG p5090416.JPG p5090415.JPG p5090399.JPG p5090398.JPG p5080367.JPG p5080359.JPG p5060341.JPG p5010328.JPG

Egypt undercover

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

16 days, 1441 nautical miles and yes I am a sailing geek and should skip the stats because this ain’t say anything.

It doesn’t tell that we were becalmed for almost 1/3 of the trip and had over 30 knots headwind during the last two days. It also doesn’t say that in our first port in Egypt the clearance was so expensive that we decided to add yet another day sailing to the trip although we didn’t have any gas or food left. We did that and sailed 12 hours to another port only to be sent away again! arriving finally in Hugada, 100 miles backwards from where we got first.

And then there is Andrew, Chloe’s cousin, who waited for us in the first port. There we were but we were not allowed to officially go ashore and he was not allowed to come aboard. The story is to good to be told online so let me only tell that it involved jumping off cliffs, the cover of night, approaching a reef by boat up to half a meter, jumping onto boats, hiding, swimming ashore and advanced roleplay. Further grey hair, worries as much as heaps of fun… and of course this is all just fiction ;-)

p4140133.JPG p4140250.JPG p4160308.JPG p4230318.JPG